Private and Skype lessons in European Portuguese

Private lessons for individuals and groups in the Tavira area, (Eastern Algarve, Portugal) or through Skype all over the world.


This is a course with individual lessons, which runs all year round and is available for all levels; beginners to advanced. It is the most popular course, as it will progress at just the right speed for you, since it is tailor-made to your individual needs and interests. It focuses on the four main language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, combined with aspects of local culture. The course is recommended for those who wish to learn the language at a steady pace. Lessons usually take place from Monday to Friday in the morning, although in high season they make take place in the afternoon. For those who would like to do an intensive course, we suggest 10 classes per week.

“We have a personal method of teaching that will make it easy for you to learn and start speaking.”

Skype lessons for students who prefer the comfort of their homes.


This course is done online through Skype. This is a personalised course and is designed to adapt to the specific requirements of the student. On the first lesson, you will get an idea of the method used and you will be able to see and understand the requirements and goals. These individual courses can start any day of the week. Private lessons for two people (max.) can also be arranged from 3 to 50 hours per week. It will progress at just the right speed for you, since it is tailor-made to your individual needs and interest.


Pupil’s testimonials


I have been learning Portuguese with Luis for almost one year. I like the method he uses. He gradually teaches the structure of the language at a pace to suit you. You don’t get too much information together. In the beginning I couldn’t say anything except “obrigada”. Now I can speak with Luis for about half an hour in the present and past tenses and a simple form of the future.
Margaret (Ireland)
Luis and I meet every week for one hour on Skype, and we have done so the past year. I started from scratch without any knowledge of the Portuguese language. Today we speak together in Portuguese, we read Portuguese literature and I learn a lot about Portugal and its culture and history. As a business man I am always on the move, but with the help of Skype I do not miss my lessons. It is a very efficient way to have private classes with your professor although you are in different locations.
Knud Møllenbach (Denmark)
People would always tell me what a difficult language Portuguese is. I found that with this simple and logical approach it all made sense.  I now don’t panic to find someone who speaks English! Being able to use Skype is so convenient because I can have my lessons wherever I am. I can thoroughly recommend this course.
Paddy Burnett (England)


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