About us


The project

Portuguese Basic is a product of our passion for languages. (And internet projects.) In October 2015 we decided to go ahead with the idea that we had been brainstorming for a couple of months. Our web page is different from other web pages, because it approaches learning Portuguese from an English speaker’s perspective. We think that, if you: practice and repeat; do the exercises; read the advanced notes; listen to the example conversations and read the grammar lessons, you will learn the Portuguese language, without any problems. Anyone can use the webpage to learn the Portuguese language – from children to adults.


The team

We are team of two. We both are multilingual and enjoy communicating in different languages. We understand and appreciate the small of languages, cultures, nationalities and countries.




A Portuguese native speaker who has been teaching Portuguese for the last 25 years. The majority of his pupils have learnt the language and have enjoyed the experience. He wants to use his experience to develop a successful new website. He also speaks French, Spanish and German.



A graphic and web designer, by profession, for more than 15 years. She speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Czech as her native language.  She is creative and she is always busy creating, transforming or reinventing things. In last two years, she has been teaching English to children, combining fun and creativity. Some examples of her work you can be seen at www.canimambo.com.  Ivana is developing the Portuguese web page.


The continuity

There is still a lot of work to do. After finishing the beginners phase, we will continue with the intermediate and advanced. We passionately believe in the project. Our next step is to apply for crowd funding through Kickstarter. If you like our site; and you want to support us, you can subscribe to our newsletter. We will send an information e-mail when our project will be presented on Kickstarter.

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