Plural in Portuguese

(O plural em portugués)


General rule (Regra geral)

Words ending in vocals or diphthong add |s| (except ending in –ão)

Singular Plural Translation
casa casas house > houses
cidade cidades city > cities
taxi taxis taxi > taxis
livro livros book > books
chapéu chapéus hat > hats
rã rãs frog > frogs
arvore arvores tree > trees
mãe mães mother > mothers
mau maus hand > hands
céu céus sky > skies



Words ending in consonants


Singular Plural Translation
jornal jornais newspaper > newspapers
hotel hoteis hotel > hotels
difícil difíceis difficult
fácil fáceis easy
farol farois lighthouse > lighthouses
azul azuis blue



Singular Plural Translation
homem homens man > men
atum atums tuna fish > tuna fishes
som sons sound > sounds



Singular Plural Translation
flor flores flower > flowers
mulher mulheres woman > wimin
cor cores colour > colours



Singular Plural Translation
lápis lápis pencil > pencils
mes meses month > months
português portugueses portuguese > portugueses



Singular Plural Translation
rapaz rapazes boy > boys
raiz raizes root > roots
cruz cruzes cross > crosses



Plural of definitive articles & nouns (for words ending in o/a)

To transform nouns ending in voyels |o| or |a| into plurals, Portuguese simply adds an |s|. The rule is the same with the definitive article, |o| becomes |os| and |a| becomes |as|.


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