Portuguese alphabet

(O alfabeto portugués)


The portuguese alphabet consists of 26 letters. Although the original latin alphabet counted with 23. The lettes as K, W and Y were used only in a few foreign non-portuguese words. Since the year 1990 it has changed with the new agreement applied to all the portuguese speaking countries, except Angola.


A |á|
B ||
C |cê|
D ||
E |é|
F |efe|
G | or guê|
H |agá|
I |i|
J |jota|
K |capa or | *
L |ele|
M |eme|


N |ene|
O |ó|
P ||
Q |quê|
R |erre|
S |esse|
T ||
U |u|
V ||
W |dáblio| *
X |xis|
Y |ípsilon| *
Z ||


* K, W, Y – are mainly used in words of foreign origin.


Diacriticals in the alphabet


Á | Ã | Â | À
É | Ê


Ó | Ô | Õ



Digraphs of the alphabet


RR | erre duplo
SS | esse duplo
CH | cê-agá
LH | ele-agá


NH | ene-agá
GU | guê-u
QU | quê-u



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